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Website privacy policy

We, SOS Procurement shall acknowledge the importance of the personal information in the advanced information communications society, and for the purpose of exercising proper management over such personal information, hereby stipulates the following privacy policy for its website.

1. Applicability of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy shall be applied within our website (hereafter "this Website").

2. Use of Personal Information

On this Website, for the purpose of supplying information on our products and services as well as sending various types of materials, our customers are asked to provide their names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other personal information. In such cases, we shall limit the purpose of use of such personal information, clearly specify such purpose, and use such personal information only for such purpose.

3. Cookies

To enable our customers revisiting this Website to browse it with greater convenience, we may send the data files known as "cookies" to our customer's computer, where that data will be stored on the hard disc. While these cookies are not used to identify individual customers, it is possible for our customers to reject acceptance of the cookies sent from this Website or perform other functions by changing the settings of their Internet browser software.

4. Inquiries

In the event of inquiries or requests pertaining to the treatment of the personal information supplied to us by our customers, it is requested that such inquiries or requests be directed to the address listed below. Please be aware that there may be cases when time will be required for investigations to respond to certain inquiries or requests, rendering it impossible to furnish immediate responses.

5. Personal Information at Links

Please be aware that we assume no responsibility with regard to the treatment of the personal information on the websites of enterprises other than our company which are linked from this Website that is in the outside of the scope of application described in "1" above.

6. Revisions in this Privacy Policy

Please be aware that we may revise this Privacy Policy without prior notice.